Canal Aquatics Vision

The vision of Canal Aquatics is to build and operate an all inclusive, public aquatic facility for the health, recreation, and competition needs of citizens and aquatic organizations in Delaware and surrounding states – serving  people of ALL ages and abilities.

Consider these facts:

  • Swimming is the number one recreational activity in this country, yet drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under 15. Nine U.S. residents drown every day.
  • Delaware lags behind other U.S. states and regions in easily accessible and adequate aquatics facilities.

  • The development and population growth in southern New Castle County is progressing without regard to the residents' needs for aquatics safety, recreation, and fitness.

  • Schools across New Castle County compete for limited pool space for instruction, training, and competition.

  • Existing facilities are overcrowded and struggle to accommodate the demand for aquatic instruction and rehabilitation.

  • There are no Olympic course (50 meter) indoor pools in the state, limiting the ability of Delaware USA Swimming and other programs to adequately train athletes and host local, regional, or national aquatic competitions.

  • There are extremely limited opportunities in Delaware to learn, train, and compete in water polo, synchronized swimming, and springboard & platform diving.

Canal Aquatics will address these needs while fostering improved self-confidence, self-esteeem, and wellness.